The Fine Print

Copyright & Licensing Notice

The images being provided to you are
licensed and copyright protected by
The Shutterbugz Studio.

You own the Print Release and have the right to use the images
for all reasonable personal uses, including but not limited to:
printing, copying, emailing and web publishing.

Your license does not include the rights to copy your Cd !

Nor to use the images for financial gain
including but not limited to:
advertising, stock photography, print sales profit or resale of any nature
unless you have purchased an Advertising/Media Package.
And can revoke this license at any time and for any reason.

Signing grants The Shutterbugz Studio the rights to use and publish
the images from your session to promote itself further
including portfolio, website, displays, advertisements and editorial uses
and agrees to limit their use.

By signing, you are agreeing to the above terms.
All clients must sign before the session can take place.

The Shutterbugz Studio
 does place images on Facebook.
Images are not protected on Facebook.
Deposit & Payment Policy

There is a  non-refundable deposit required on ALL Sessions 
(amount depends on your package selection)

To Reserve Your Date, Time and Location.

Use the Paypal Button on any page to direct you to the checkout options.

A 48 Hour Cancellation or Reschedule Notice must be provided
for your deposit to be  creditedto your next session.

Deposits also can be made via check or cash at the studio.

​​ Out-of-Town Clients only: $25 Trip fee for over 50 miles.
$5 postage fee for cd/flashdrive return shipping.

All balances is due at the time of your session.​​​​

All refunds will be in studio credit only.

Details about what "copyright" really means...
​and why at the end of the day, I still fully own outright, the images I create. 

"When a photographer creates an image, it is automatically copyrighted and protected per
The Copyright Law – USC Title 17.

​ This gives the
photographer (creator of the image) exclusive right to copy, edit, print, distribute, post on Facebook, blog, etc.
​These rights make it
illegal for anyone else (even if you are in the image) to
copy, scan, edit, print, or distribute any versions of the images
​(printed or digital)

​without the photographer’s permission.

​This is a Federal Law and can be prosecuted as such.
​Illegally downloading, screen capturing, watermark removing, or altering the images
​ in ANY way is strictly prohibited.

​When you purchase any digital collection from me, you are getting a
print releasenot a copyright release.
 I still own the photos and the copyright, but you are free to take the images and get as many prints as you would like, in any size, from an exclusive source

​ (that info will be in your print release).

You may not edit the images in any way
​(this even means ordering a black & white print of an image that is on your disk in color only),
​let others use them for advertising, or enter them into contests without my permission.

you may not make copies of the disk
to share with family and friends.
​If in doubt, just email me and ask!
 Please respect my business and my work.
​This is my “job” and how I help to support my family. "